The Berenst#in Bears Problem: Are We Living In An Alternate Worldline?


So what’s the problem? They’re not The Berenstein Bears. They’ve never been The Berenstein Bears. Despite the fact that many others remember them as The Berenstein Bears, and I myself still pronounce their name as The Berenstein Bears, this is false. This is wrong. They are The Berenstain Bears. “…somehow, … Continue reading

NYPL Has Many Positions Open RIGHT NOW!


Are you a Librarian who is committed to changing lives and strengthening communities through the power of learning and reading? The New York Public Library is in the midst of a major expansion thanks to New York City’s recent historic investment in libraries—allowing us to build on our more than 100-year-old … Continue reading

It’s Judy Blume to the rescue!


Just when we thought we couldn’t love Judy Blume anymore, she’s gone and melted our hearts again. Last week, Leonard Lasek, a very desperate husband, began posting signs in the area asking for help in locating a box harboring one of his wife’s treasured keepsakes: A copy of Blume’s 1970 young … Continue reading

This is the best utility belt for Librarians


Are you looking for the perfect utility belt for your job as a librarian? Well, Brit Bertino has created an amazing belt that can hold everything you need for crafts, programs, walking the stacks, or any other project you might be working on. Brit designed these belts and she’s marketing … Continue reading

Librarians there because they truly want to help


A little over five years ago, I found myself sitting across the table from three librarians. I was interviewing to be the marketing manager for the Omaha Public Library. I don’t recall much from that meeting other than sharing with them what I knew about libraries, which — in retrospect … Continue reading

Librarian Hero Cosplay


Headed to a comic con this year or maybe your library is holding their own book inspired cosplay event? Why not dress as your favorite library hero? Put that Superman costume aside, librarians and scholars are the true everyday heroes and here is just some of my favorites. Unleash your inner … Continue reading

Pull Up a Chair


  Social media has made it even better to be a librarian. Networking is much easier, and groups on Facebook only help spread the love even more.   Do you work with adult patrons in your library? Order your drink and grab a chair at the Grown-up Table: Library Programs … Continue reading

Just What You’ve Always Wanted: An Entire Album of Librarians Shushing

shhh album cover_wide

Not since marine biologists in the late 1960s made the first recordings of humpback whales has there been such a momentous contribution to the art of field recording. Thanks to efforts by EveryLibrary’s new Artist-In-Residence, the world now has its first detailed audio study revealing the habits and behavior of librarians in the wild. And … Continue reading

The Big List of Parties and Events at #alaac15


Once again, Erica Findley brings us the ALA Think Tank Party Hard map. This map has everything you need to know about the parties at ALA in San Francisco. If there an event or party that you know of that should be added, feel free to tweet at Erica so … Continue reading

The BIG HUGE Social Media Listing for #ALAAC15!


Just like Midwinter, we are compiling the big huge list of people attending ALA in San Francisco. We want you to add your name to social media list to let others know how to follow you! Giving your name and a little background information will help people decide why they … Continue reading

EveryLibrary Announces Steve Kemple as First “Artist-In-Residence”


Earlier today every librarian’s favorite political action committee, EveryLibrary, announced they have chosen the Cincinnati based artist/librarian Steve Kemple as their first Artist-In-Residence. Kemple’s residency will last from June through the end of November and will consist of a series of interactive performances and installations taking place at libraries everywhere. The series is called … Continue reading

Librarians Fight for Privacy

militant librarian

Many people are unaware of the efforts made by librarians to protect the privacy of citizens after the passing of the Patriot Act. Librarians have protested the seizing of records by the FBI(2005 Connecticut), lobbied for privacy to Congress and held email writing campaigns. Most recently, according to a  recent Guardian … Continue reading

Modernizing Melvil


If you’ve been in a public library, you’ve seen books and other  materials organized by the Dewey Decimal Classification, the arrangement developed by Melvil Dewey. The DDC is a sequence of numbers and letters that correspond to subject headings. There are myriad rules that dictate how these alphanumeric sequences are … Continue reading

Worthington Librarian Creates “All About That Bass” Parody


A school librarian, Mary Evelyn Smith, at Liberty Elementary School in Worthington, Ohio created a parody video reminding kids to return their books. The video “All About Them Books”  is a parody of “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. Hopefully her creativity paid off.    

Where Else Can You Stay at #ALAAC15 (cheaper)

San Francisco, CA, USA

As the last few weeks before ALA in San Francisco approach there are many librarians who have found themselves without a place to stay at any kind of reasonable rate.  The big issue this year is that this weekend is also Pride ( and this celebration draws thousands of people … Continue reading

Need Images for FB Library Pages? New Location for Library Dropbox!


By Ben Bizzle tl;dr – Register here for good images to post on Social Media. In late 2013, Jeannie Allen and I created a shared Dropbox folder so we could have a centralized location for storing quality images to use on social media. We had both been successful at using … Continue reading

These Are the Absolute Worst Librarianship Themed Book Titles


The hilariously re-imagined book titles by Lisa from the Acme Upstairs Library will make you cringe in their truthiness. They are all just a little too close to the truth of library work.

Who Libraries the Librarians?


Ready to shoot off your library’s summer reading program? What about you? Are you ready to challenge yourself to read this summer? Who libraries the librarian to meet reading goals? Here are a few charts to get you started on your summer reading. Happy reading and don’t forget to reward … Continue reading

Are You Getting in on the #libraryinmyhand Instagram Trend?


Libraries across the country are getting in on the #libraryinmyhand hashtag to promote their mobile apps and the ability for the public to have so much of their library right in the palm of their hand. This great marketing ideas was started by @bernardsvillelibrary where they are posting these great … Continue reading

Haters Gonna Hate


When asked what “must read” title you could not bear to finish, we got over 220 responses, with serious shade being cast in some surprising directions. Ranked in order of least loved, your most hated bestselling books/series are: Gone Girl  Twilight Lord of the Rings Harry Potter Game of Thrones … Continue reading

Guilt Cakes from the Circulation Department


Kristin, of the Chippewa River District Library System (Mount Pleasant, Michigan), does not rely on the usual sentiment to send circulation pages off to greener pastures. Rather, as she put it, “I give them a cake that expresses my feelings.” We’ll let the cakes do the talking now. So disappointed. … Continue reading

The Age of Book Characters According to How Old Do I Look


How Old Do I Look? can be surprisingly accurate or hysterical depending on the picture. I took the covers of books from different areas to test out the software’s accuracy with some interesting results.   Malala, wiser and older looking than her years. Google says she is 17. Does this … Continue reading

Five Conference Apps You Need for #ALAAC15


Attending conferences is so much easier with the right mobile apps. It used to be that you had to take notes on paper, keep track of business cards, manually add people to you contacts, write yourself post-it reminders, and you’d only hear about the best conference events and places to … Continue reading

Annoying Librarian: Librarians Can Help With Loneliness


Chances are we’ll have to deal with the Library of Congress for the rest of our lives. That sounds about as innovative today as Books in Libraries. Those of us who used to be managers were like, what is this guy living on? I’ve never been published without taking the … Continue reading

Top Ten Bars to Visit While You’re at #ALAAC15


While you’re preparing to get ready for all the great programs at ALA in San Francisco, don’t forget to set some time aside to visit some of the great attractions that this world class city has to offer. San Francisco is known for some amazing bars throughout the city and … Continue reading

213 Poets Generate More than 6,000 Poems During National Poetry Month


This past month, I, along with about 200 of my closest friends participated in a project from the Found Poetry Review. We earned digital merit badges for successfully completing poetry challenges on the site, resulting in the generation of more than 6,000 poems by the project’s conclusion. Poets from … Continue reading

Ride with Librarians (San Francisco, June 26th)


Biking Librarians, let’s ride! The American Library Association Annual conference takes place in San Francisco this year. Let’s kick off the conference with a group ride. Everyone is welcome – librarians, those who love librarians, those who just like to ride bikes… No one will be turned away, and no … Continue reading

Annoying Librarian: Good Riddance to Library Spaces


There aren’t any more library spaces. If you’ve been feeling good about going to libraries operated by librarians, maybe you can try dismissing a complaint when what you’re looking for is only available through interlibrary loan. According to this article when you imagine a librarian they are probably complaining. I … Continue reading

Librarians Get Shushed at ALA in Midwinter


Experimental Music Man, and an editor of this website, Steve Kemple is a librarian who loves noise. He is part of a troup of librarians on Tumblr called Librarian Like Noise and you can see a lot of the ways he gets really loud in his Cincinnati Library on his … Continue reading

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day


On the first Saturday of May every year since 2002, the curious and the nerds gather to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. Independent comic stores and often libraries give the public a taste of comics, absolutely free! This year on May 2nd, there are 50 possible comic book choices (listed … Continue reading

Obama is Announcing Via Livestream *Something* About Libraries Tomorrow


I looks like it might be amazing news! However… we admit we have no idea what it is that he is going to announce, but here is the email that one of our editors received. Could it be about his presidential library? Or could it be about something bigger? It … Continue reading

Help “In the Stacks” Compete in the Women Startup Challenge with this Thunderclap


Michelle Zaffino’s digital library startup (In the Stacks) got into the Women Startup Challenge (sponsored by the Craigslist foundation)! We would love to see you support their Thunderclap!!! It will send out a timed FB share/Tweet on the launch day next week, and spread the word to all your friends/followers. … Continue reading

Worst Library Book Barcode Fails (Some NSFW Language)


Everyone knows that we must rigidly adhere to the agreed upon institutional standards of barcode placement. However, sometimes that means that things can go terribly wrong. So terribly, horrifically and hysterically wrong. Here are some of our favorite barcode placement fails. -by PC Sweeney

Info Tomorrow: An Interview With @LibraryOutlets

Outlet cropped

“Why are there so few outlets in libraries?” proclaims the Twitter bio of one of library social media’s rising stars, Outlets in Libraries (@LibraryOutlets). That’s a damn good question. So, to find out more, we sat down with the outlet behind Outlets in Libraries to see what we could learn. Making … Continue reading

The Great Book Vacation

Walden Pond, from

Need to get away from it all? Why not take a literature themed vacation? Here are some of the breathtaking activities you can explore on your next vacation. Destination: Matamata, New Zealand Books: The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Although this is a movie set, nobody has brought J.R.R. … Continue reading

Friday Inspiration: We Are All Made of Stars


Nothing can stop us now. We are all made of stars. Nothing can stop us now. We are all made of stars. Nothing can stop us now. We are all made of stars. Nothing can stop us now. We are all made of stars. Nothing can stop us now. We … Continue reading

Annoying Librarian: Luring Readers with Terrorism?

red gradient

There’s controversy brewing in the library. One of the trendiest new ways to draw people into reading rooms is by acts of terrorism sponsored by the ALA. From what I’ve heard people are offended. These tactics are an implicit acknowledgement that as an organization the ALA really just promotes public libraries. … Continue reading

Introducing the Bookitar, A Three String Guitar Made from a Book


The bookitar is a small three string electric style dulcimer that is using a fretted book for the body of the guitar. You can hear it being played on this youtube video and it sounds probably exactly how you would think a book turned guitar would sound. Here are some … Continue reading

Ozomatli Teams Up with LAPL to Promote Summer Reading!


With support from the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, we teamed up with award-winning band Ozomatli to create an original song “Read to the Rhythm!” This is the official music video, filmed at the historic Central Library in downtown LA. More info at

Introducing the BiblioBox (the subscription gift box for librarians)

Carry Box 1

Subscription boxes have been popping up everywhere. To name a few, there is a box for geeks, a box for dog lovers, a box for foodies and a box for the beauty product junkie. What if there was a box for librarians? What would it contain? Here is my take … Continue reading

Library coalitions: essential to our vitality


I was privileged that the 2015 ACRL National Conference was held in my town of Portland, Oregon. I was also honored with the opportunity to help host a meetup for EveryLibrary, the first and only national political action committee that helps communities fight for library funding and support at the … Continue reading

Becoming Powerful Librarians


By Margaret Howard “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you … Continue reading

Business Librarian on Fox News Promotes Libraries During Money Smart Week

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.35.39 PM

Business Reference Librarian at the Mount Prospect Library Joe Collier showed up to Fox News Chicago in the greatest suit ever to talk about Money Smart Week at the library and how to raise financially aware children. We need more librarians talking about libraries as Economic Development Agencies and less … Continue reading

Reinvention is the Mother of Hilarity


Sure, the authors chose perfectly good titles. But sometimes titles work better when they are swapped around, and sometimes someone else does a better job of naming the classics. It’s probably a good thing several of these writers aren’t around to see what the Interwebs did with their hard work…   … Continue reading

Info Tomorrow: EXCLUSIVE Interview with a Toyota Prius on the Future of Libraries


When you think of the future of libraries you probably don’t think of the future of cars. But when you think of the future of cars, chances are one of the first things that comes to mind is the Toyota Prius. Its sleek, futuristic design evokes a future where we … Continue reading

When Think Tank Gets Graphic (Novels)

comic collage

Last month, I sent out a survey to the ALA Think Tank Facebook group to choose the best of the best graphic novels. The survey consisted of 9 questions, none of which were mandatory. I received 51 responses from your library peers showing a wide range of answers. There was … Continue reading

Texas Tech librarian & professor publish book on Joker

weiner joker cropped

    What is this, a joke? Robert Weiner, popular culture librarian, and Robert Moses Peaslee, associate professor and chair of the department of journalism and electronic media, said “The Joker: A Serious Study of the Clown Prince of Crime” has taken eight years to publish. And it only costs … Continue reading

Help Fund this Amazing Book Structure at the Berkeley Book Fair


What is Lacuna? Lacuna is a monumental, participatory art installation constructed from 50,000 books. Like a library, people can step inside Lacuna, browse its shelves, and take home books. Unlike a library, the very walls of Lacuna are created from books, which means that when people remove a book from … Continue reading

Top Ten Library Libations


Grab your martini shakers and meet us at 641.874 – it’s drinking time! Sure to wet your whistle, this list of cocktails was chosen by guest contributor Gina Sheridan, librarian, creator and curator of, and author of the book of the same title (as well as the forthcoming compilation, … Continue reading

Annoying Librarian: How to Admit You’re A Librarian

James Billington Library of Congress

In an interview last Monday, Librarian of Congress James Billington bristled at the suggestion that he works in a library. Billington has been called out for ignoring repeated calls to hire someone who actually knows things about contemporary libraries. They weren’t even shouting. When I tell people I’m a librarian … Continue reading

What Career SHOULD You Have Had?


Are you tired of being a librarian? Or maybe you’re wondering if you should have been something else? Take this quiz and find out what career you were meant for. <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script> <div class=”pb_feed” data-embed-by=”860f538a-fdac-4734-b6e5-d4219bec85c4″ data-game=”/kyleel10/which-career-are-you-meant-for” data-recommend=”false” data-comments=”false” ></div>

“Check It Out” a library parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”


In celebration of National Library Week, the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library of Kansas produced a perfect Taylor Swift parody, transforming “Shake It Off” into “Check It Out,” an ode to library membership.

Info Tomorrow: Study Reveals You Can Judge a Book By its Cover


Multiple generations have held to the belief that one cannot judge a book by its cover. Researchers fear that, in the modern era, precious time is being wasted in adhering to this concept, and have announced the findings of a study that tested the veracity of this belief. Despite the … Continue reading

Book Showcasing Songs Of The Library Staff (This really happened!)


Did you know that there is an entire book dedicated to songs written for library staff? We had no idea either. But just when we thought musical library parodies were new, this book of songs about library staff comes along from 1906. Reminding us once again, that there is nothing … Continue reading

Webcomic: The Adventures of Business Cat


The Adventures of Business Cat is a webcomic written and drawn by Tom Fonder detailing the life and times of the world’s wealthiest playboy business pet. The strip was conceived by Tom Fonder and Rachael Robins and began as an occasional interlude in the gag-a-day webcomic Happy Jar.  

Missouri Libraries Need Our Love!


Long story short: Missouri librarians and activists have helped fight off $6 million in library cuts this year but the Governor has recommended the same budget cuts next year! The MO Legislature is currently debating the bill and may take his recommendations! Show your support for Missouri Libraries and the communities they … Continue reading

Info Tomorrow: New Research Shows Readers Remember Books by Color

books by color

Today researchers from MIT published an article confirming what librarians and booksellers have known for decades: that sometimes people remember books by the color of the cover. As the researchers put it in an official statement: We have determined that it is not uncommon for readers to recall information consumed in … Continue reading

Library Parody of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk by Orange Public Library


Orange Public Library in association with Chapman University created a parody of the unstoppable single from Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk. The parody is called Unread Book and is presented by Pogona Creative. What do you think?

National Library Week Challenge: We’re In This Together

places you'll go

by Steve Kemple In Sunday’s New York Times columnist David Brooks writes: Many people give away the book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” as a graduation gift. This book suggests that life is an autonomous journey. We master certain skills and experience adventures and certain challenges on our way to … Continue reading

ALA Prez Courtney Young Talks Libraries & Communities on HuffPost Books


Over on HuffPost Books, American Library Association President Courtney Young writes: This year, as we celebrate National Library Week, April 12 – 18, it is important to realize that libraries not only engage, but also transform their communities, especially during times of emergency, when libraries are often the glue that … Continue reading

Publishers Weekly: 5 Reasons for Publishers to Partner with Libraries


In a recent article on Publisher’s Weekly David Vinjamuri writes… The tension between libraries and publishers seems odd in a market where physical space for displaying books is quickly disappearing. How did we get here? And could libraries actually represent a much better opportunity for publishers than they are given … Continue reading

Twelve Classic Novels As Summarized By Someone Who Has Not Read Them

He looked so peaceful, sleeping in the cradle. “I hate to move him,” she whispered. “Why don’t we let him sleep in the cradle just for tonight,” he suggested, “and the baby can sleep with us.” “What a nice idea,” she said. It really was. – Cat’s Cradle Read more … Continue reading

Guy Hankel Melts Brains with Streaming Music Websites for Libraries

YML homepage

Guy Hankel of Madison Public Library talks with the all-around-excellent Library as Incubator Project about his role in the creation of the Yahara Music Library, and now his project Rabble, a new start-up designed to help other libraries build their own online streaming local music collections. It’s no secret that public libraries … Continue reading

The Weirdest Book You’ve Never Read


Published in 1895, Etidorhpa is both one of my favorite things about the city I live in and actually one of the reasons I became a librarian. So, naturally, I’m pumped that Cincinnati Magazine just published an excellent feature length article about this bizarre text. Here’s a taste: “It sounds crazy, but over a … Continue reading

Annoying Librarian: Gray Boxes Instead of Homeless Shelvers?


After hundreds of hours of research using a top secret device powered by an industrious sect of genetically modified laboratory monkeys, the Library Scientists at have developed a new program that reassembles random sentences from professional publications into a new kind of library literature. Thus we bring you a … Continue reading

iPad Rental Vending Machine for Students And Residents With Library Cards


Philadelphians living near Drexel University can now rent one of a dozen iPads thanks to a new vending machine installed at the school’s Dana and David Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships. The iPad rental program, created in partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia, lets both students and neighboring residents … Continue reading

Seed Saving is Illegal in the United States? Seed Libraries, Get Ready!


Neil Thapar of the Sustainable Economies Law Center is interviewed about how seed sharing has been deemed Illegal by certain states in the USA and how you can help change this. After watching this episode, you will discover WHY seed sharing has been deemed illegal by certain states and how … Continue reading

Which YA Heroine Are You, Based On Your Parents?


Where would our favorite YA heroines be without their parents? Not born, that’s where. So take our quiz and find out which of these heroes you are, based on your parents.

How Many of These Famous Female Mystery Authors Do You Know


Test your knowledge of these amazing women who have written top-notch mystery novels, from those who set the groundwork to those who are still writing today!

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Chicago Librarian in 1925?


This is the Examination for entrance to the training class for Chicago Public Library from June 27, 1925. Can you pass this test? Credit to Matthew Murray for finding this and posting it to ALATT

How to Speak At Library Conferences (without saying anything)


Have you ever wondered how you can be nationally recognized in libraryland? Have you ever wanted to get on the national library speaker circuit? Well, maybe you don’t have the time to actually do any library work worth getting recognized for. Well don’t worry, this video will help you learn … Continue reading

There’s a HUGE library crisis in Missouri and You Can Help.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dozens of local students are upset that Missouri libraries have taken a hit with this year’s budget cuts and plan to rally on the Capitol steps Wednesday. Students are set to board buses early Wednesday morning and head to Jefferson City to join hundreds of other … Continue reading

Event- The Collective Submarine Library Reference Desk (March 22)


Imagine a world where reference desks at libraries around the globe can come together to play submarine sound effects very quietly all at the same time. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the reference questions we could answer, exactly like normal, but in a submarine. Friends, colleagues, I am here to tell … Continue reading

Unhappy at Work? Learn the Happy Secret to Better Work


We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk from TEDxBloomington, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity.

ALA Think Tank Pre-Party and Fundraiser in San Francisco


This year, our annual ALA Think Tank Pre-Party will be a fundraiser for the Center for Sex and Culture Archival Library and sponsored by and EveryLibrary. All proceeds will go to support this rare archive and important social educational center. About CSC The Mission of the Center for Sex … Continue reading

Fuck the Gatekeepers


This video made us think about our professional organizations, our professional journals, many of our vendors, our database companies, and the publishing industry in general.  The basic ideas behind this video are so true of what is happening in so many aspects of the library industry today on so many … Continue reading

A Map Collection So Big It Doubled LA Public Library’s Library Collection.


How did the immense, previously unknown map collection of a hospital dietician end up doubling the size of the Los Angeles Public Library’s map archives in a single day? This new short documentary from filmmaker Alec Ernest and the LA Review of Books tells the captivating story of late map … Continue reading

Sacramento Public Library’s Library of Things


The Library of Things is part of an ongoing push by the Sacramento Public Library system and libraries around the country to expand and diversify their role beyond book borrowing. The collection in the Library of things will be comprised of many tools that the public voted to include and … Continue reading

What Motivates Library Employees?


Luckily for librarians, it turns out that most employees aren’t motivated by money. But then, if not money, what is it that motivates them? This Tedx talk is perfect for library managers or supervisors looking to figure out what it is that motivates their employees. Here, career analyst Dan Pink … Continue reading

New App that Scrubs Shitty Language from eBooks


Clean Reader, an app that allows readers to quickly and easily cover up or replace all offensive language in books purchased through the app, was dreamed up by Idaho couple Jared and Kirsten Maughan and developed by Page Foundry. The Maughans wanted to encourage their young daughter, who was a … Continue reading

Let Freedom Ring…I mean…READ! Plan for Banned Books Week Now.


Most of us begin planning for September’s Banned Books Week on or around September 5th. However, I urge you to begin considering September today. September 27 – October 3, 2015 is ALA’s annual Banned Books Week. This is an annual celebration of the freedom to read supported by ALA’s Office … Continue reading

Authors Writing Straight to Audiobook


Audible, which is owned by Amazon, is starting to ask well-known writers to create original audio works. In recent years while e-books were plowing their way through the publishing industry like a big noisy steam engine, audiobooks were chugging along in the background like the Little Engine That Could. These … Continue reading

Free eBook Library on the Beijing Subway


On the subway in Beijing, as in most cities with underground Wi-Fi connections, commuters usually spend their rides mindlessly staring at their phones, scrolling through emails or playing games. But now riders on one metro line have another option: With a scan of a QR code inside the train car, … Continue reading

The Big HUGE List of FB Groups for Librarians


Are you on Facebook? Do you know of all of the library Facebook Groups that you can join and instantly connect with hundreds, in some cases thousands (and in one particular group over 10,000) other librarians?No? Well, have no fear! The 5 Minute Librarian has compiled some of the top … Continue reading

Check Out These Men and Their Cats


While the stereotype of the cat lady librarian persists, New Yorker and photographer David Williams began his Men & Cats project back in 2009. “I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring.” While not a librarian, David himself lives … Continue reading

Introducing the Ladies Who Library Podcast


Ladies Who Library is a podcast produced by Erin Gambrill, a public librarian from Maryland. Featuring a variety of library-related guests including library workers, bands, performers, book enthusiasts, glasses-wearers, pop-culture consumers, and the like, the podcast is as casual and laid back as a patron who walks in to browse … Continue reading

Read a book, but then go run a few miles


With most of my friendships I eventually ask each one what they like reading. A lot of times friends I respect and believe are smart don’t read shit. They are independent functioning adults in a variety of fields, yet they don’t read regular like me or my library friends. Libraries … Continue reading

FCC Approves Net Neutrality! Great News for Libraries.


The Federal Communications Commission approved the policy known as net neutrality by a 3-2 vote at its Thursday meeting, with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler saying the policy will ensure “that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet.” The policy helps to … Continue reading

Meetup with other Librarians at SXSW!


Do YOU library? Connect with some of the nation’s most creative, forward-thinking library professionals and supporters to find out how to leverage libraries as a platform to fuel your passions and successes. By gathering with other thought-leaders in this informal setting, you’ll learn how libraries (and librarians) are fostering entrepreneurship, … Continue reading

5 Great Research Proven Reasons to Have Comics in your Library


In case you were wondering about why you should include comics in your library’s collection, or maybe someone is asking you for justification, this excellent research paper by Melissa Shack studies the benefits of including comics in libraries and classrooms. Here are our 5 favorite proven benefits of comics in … Continue reading

Rotary Club Reports That, “The public library is the community’s kindly grandmother”


From this post on the Rotarian we have, what a first glace, what appears to be a great article about libraries. But then… The public library is the only civic institution in my community that is uncompromisingly successful. Not everyone in my small town is crazy about the police force, … Continue reading

Help Juana Flores Display Library Cards from Across the Country


The library card project is a display in my library that showcases library cards from around the country. I am hoping it will pique the young patrons interest in exploring various states, maps and atlases as well as libraries in the United States. I used two highly-trafficked social media networks, … Continue reading

Whoa! Check Out These 78 Free Sources of Images For Your Library


A while ago we posted about Microsoft closing down their clipart (thank god) and today we are offering you even more of a solution. If you’re at all into making your library look professional, want to use online marketing tools better, and have a desire overall improve your library’s image … Continue reading

Screw Dress Codes, Especially Suits and Ties


As a follow-up to our recent hyping of this article from Everyday Feminism, Matthew Allison talks about why he hates dress codes too. In the public library system I work for the male administrators all wear suits and ties. I’m serious that that is one of the reasons I have … Continue reading

There’s a Bunch of Library Stuff at SXSW Interactive!


Did you know that there are a bunch librarians who are attending SXSW and representing libraries!? For the past several years, a core group of passionate librarians have attended, presented and actively recruited their colleagues to join them at Austin’s annual SXSW Interactive Festival. The importance of this is two-fold: … Continue reading

Magneto Cat, the X-Men Parody about a Cat


Visual artist Kaipo Jones created “X-Men: Magneto Cat.” Magneto Cat is an X-Men parody that features a very powerful tabby who repeatedly uses his magnetic super powers to create chaos and leave a trail of destruction in his path in order to get his own way.  

Comic Book Heaven


Comic Book Heaven is the story of Joe Leisner, the lively, highly opinionated and vocal owner of Comic Book Heaven, a comic book store in Queens. Joe’s store has been a fixture in Queens for over 60 years and he’s ready to retire. Director E.J. McLeavey-Fisher paints a marvelous cinematic … Continue reading

Kimya Dawson (Juno, Moldy Peaches) Sings a Song about Libraries


Kimya Dawson is a Grammy winning, platinum selling singer songwriter most widely known for her work on the JUNO soundtrack and her former band, The Moldy Peaches. She also wrote a song about libraries, thought you’d enjoy it. Where better to go with a two-year-old who gets cabin fever when … Continue reading

Info Tomorrow: Librarian Has No Opinion About Fifty Shades of Grey


Westerville, Ohio – Jennifer Hughes, a selector at The Public Library of Westerfield, had no comments when her co-workers began a lengthy conversation on the latest book-turned-blockbuster “Fifty Shades of Grey” on Friday morning. “It’s fine, I guess.” was her only response when Josh Weaks, a cataloger, tried to pull … Continue reading

Books For Soldiers


Books for Soldiers is a non-profit that sends reading materials to soldiers serving overseas. If your friends groups are interested in doing something with all those donations, why not send them to the troops? Great publicity, good cause. During the first Gulf War, several of my friends from school were … Continue reading

EveryLibrary ACRL 2015 meetup


EveryLibrary ACRL 2015 meetup. March 26th, 2015 8-11 pm Dechutes brewery Portland Some of our favorite EveryLibrary supporters are hosting an EveryLibrary meetup during the 2015 ACRL national conference in Portland, Oregon. Peter Hepburn (CA), Turner Masland (OR), Kirby McCurtis (OR), and JP Porcaro (NJ) will be co hosting. This … Continue reading

You Call It Professionalism; I Call It Oppression in a Three-Piece Suit


One of the basic tenets of is our staunch stand against “professionalism.”  It has been our experience that the word “professional” has been used as a weapon against our fellow colleagues far too often.  This article from EveryDay Feminism explains more: I’m a “young professional,” and professionalism is one … Continue reading

Making It Happen Wherever You Are


Having worked in public libraries since I was 14, I have always wondered why some library employees feel that they are merely cogs in the wheel of the library machine and not change agents that can reshape public perceptions of libraries and library work. I am a strong believer that … Continue reading

Ever Wonder Where the “No Oreos in the Library” Sign came from?


Us too. Of course, we probably could have just done our librarian job and researched it. But we didn’t have to. The clearly much more brilliant Senior Taxonomy Specialist, Kristen Armella, did our job for us and posted this video to a thread in the ALA Think Tank.     … Continue reading

Hilariously Honest Book Sections


Are your patrons tired of having to look at boring and often misleading book sections at your library? Well this guy decided to create his own alternative sections that would describe the books at his local bookstore more accurately. He carefully placed them all around the bookstore, photographed the results … Continue reading

Top Ten #libraryvalentines on Twitter… So far!


Right there are a bunch of trending tweets with the hashtag #libraryvalentines. Take a look at our top ten… so far! Can I have the call number to your heart? #libraryvalentines — Banned Library (@bannedlibrary) February 14, 2015 Roses are red Violets are blue Other duties as assigned Means you get to … Continue reading

This Brilliant Twitter Account is Writing The Most Generic YA Dystopian Novel, Tweet by Tweet.


As Librarians, we really do love young adult science fiction, but even we have to admit that sometimes, it can feel like dystopian novels are following a bit script. There is now a Twitter account @DystopianYA that is showing how true the formula is for YA Dystopian novels by poking … Continue reading

Best of Blind Date With a Book


Blind date with a book is a fun way to encourage patrons to read something they might not normally read. Books are wrapped in paper and blindly checked-out to be unwrapped at home with little to no information about what they contain. This is a creative and fun way to … Continue reading

What’s the one book every Kentuckian must read in their lifetime?

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 9.34.19 AM

Kentucky library Association is partnering with Teach For America-Appalachia, as well as other state-wide organizations, to help promote a statewide literacy campaign: 1. The campaign is crowdsourcing an answer to one question: “What’s the 1 book every Kentuckian should read in their lifetime?” 2. Anyone can vote and all voters … Continue reading

Check Out Smut Bang! Love in the Stacks. A Book and Art Sale


 This free event will take place Thursday, February 12, 6:00 – 10:00 p.m. at The Center for Sex & Culture, 1349 Mission St., San Francisco CA 94103. Looking for something to do Thursday night? Please join the Center for Sex and Culture, and help us celebrate Love in the Stacks. … Continue reading

Take a Tour of Bitch Magazine’s Lending Library With Gina Murrell


From her Bound Books and Library Blog Gina Murrell writes about her visit to Bitch Magazine’s Lending Library. As a longtime reader of Bitch Magazine, I knew the publication had a lending library at its headquarters in Portland, Oregon. This week, I checked it out. Bitch Community Lending Library. Photo … Continue reading

Wow! What did they do with this Walmart? (photo tour)


There are thousands of abandoned big box stores sitting empty all over America, including hundreds of former Walmart stores. With each store taking up enough space for 2.5 football fields, Walmart’s use of more than 698 million square feet of land in the U.S. is one of its biggest environmental … Continue reading

Still Time to Submit a Presentation Proposal for #alaac15


Want to present a session at the 2015 ALA Annual Conference?  Submit a Conversation Starter or Ignite Session proposal through March 1st 2015! Go to the Conversation Starter and Ignite Session Submission Site The one-hour Conversation Starters take place in a lecture, panel, or discussion format. Conversation Starter sessions will … Continue reading

You’re Going to Love the Brilliant Literary and Historical Valentine’s Day Cards from Ben Kling


Artist Ben Kling has put together a collection of V-Day cards that will hopefully appeal to the history, philosophy and literature major in all of us. Punning around with such characters as Edgar Allen Poe, Plato and Adolph Hitler, he has created something for every nerd, librarian, or history buff. … Continue reading

Ello: Simple, Beautiful, Ad-free, and Definitely Beta


“If you have not been introduced to yet, allow me the pleasure. Ello is a nascent social network with a conscience and a manifesto (which reads). Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make, and every link you follow is tracked, recorded, … Continue reading

Info Tomorrow: Circ Staff Responds to Reference Question, Causes Massive Rift in Space-Time Continuum

Black hole warping space-time, computer artwork.

GAINESVILLE, FL–Residents are still reeling from Friday night’s cosmic anomaly, apparently set into motion by an employee of the local public library. Susan Delarosa, evening circulation supervisor, reportedly answered a question from a patron related to an issue other than the location of the nearest public restroom or the accrual … Continue reading

Melanie’s Marvelous Measles Read-Alikes


This gallery contains 8 photos.

Yesterday we looked at Melanie’s Marvelous Measles, the highly scientific and educated parent’s anti-vaxx book. Today, we wanted to share eight of our favorite anti-vax read-alikes for your disease spreading storytimes. I mean, why not capitalize on the hysteria in order to promote reading while also promoting the latest bad … Continue reading

Will You have “Melanie’s Marvelous Measles,” The Anti-Vax Children’s Book, in your Library?


While a measles outbreak grips the US and health professionals seek to stem the tide, anti-vaxxers have published a book to convince children that the deadly disease is “marvelous.” Amazon is available on Melanie’s Marvelous Measles, and sets out to persuade 4-10-year-old children that the measles is actually pretty fun, has … Continue reading

This is The Book That Judges You by YOUR Cover!


We all know not to judge books by their covers, don’t we? After all, just look what happened to poor old The Bell Jar a few years back (although I love these dumbed-down classics , especially The Brothers Karamazov with its “three boys, one girl, one BIG choice!” tagline). Here, … Continue reading

LOL Video of the day – Jennifer Lopez Claims to Have a First Edition of Homer’s Iliad


Jennifer Lopez desperately needs a librarian on staff to explain things like 3,000 year old first editions of the Iliad just don’t exist.

Book your journey: Join Librarians Without Borders in Guatemala


Book your journey: join Librarians Without Borders in Guatemala from April 24 – May 4. Apply now now until February 18. 2015 is a special year not only because it is LWB’s tenth anniversary, but it is also the fifth anniversary of our annual service trip to Guatemala. Every Spring … Continue reading

WTF?! Zoning Complaint Shuts Down Little Free Library.


Someone (asshole) reported a little free library in Shreveport because Libraries aren’t technically allowed in commercial zones. In fact, the zoning department only went to the Edgertons’ “because it [the library] bothered someone,” he said. This might be the saddest “get off my lawn” I have ever read. A little … Continue reading

Congratulations! You Won Back the Internet. Now what?


Today was a huge for net neutrality. After a year of fighting, the FCC finally announced that it would implement strong new rules to protect the openness of the internet. The Verge sat down to chat about the day’s news, from what you’ll find in the new proposal to what … Continue reading

Here Are 7 Movie Stars Reading Fifty Shades of Grey


With the unstoppable release (we’d try if we could) of the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey, we bring you the best of the Movie Stars reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Gilbert Gottfried Kristen Stewert Ellen Degeneres Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis George Takei David Sedaris Ok, he’s an … Continue reading

Microsoft Did the Most Amazing Thing Ever


They killed clipart back in December. However, they then decided to ruin it by swapping the Clip Art library for integration with Bing image search. Please Microsoft, stop trying to make bing happen. Microsoft explains, “The Clip Art and image library has closed shop. Usage of Office’s image library … Continue reading

This Guy Has the Best Books Displays Ever


If you’re not on Tumblr (what are you doing with your life) you probably haven’t seen the displays of Jesse Henning. Jesse easily has some of the best display ideas in the game and posts pictures of them on his This is a Sentence tumblr. Heavily influenced by pop-culture, the … Continue reading

Moscow Library and Its Rare Documents Are Burning


The Moscow library known as INION—the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences—went up in flames on the evening of Jan. 29. В Москве горит здание библиотеки Института общественных наук (ВИДЕО) — RT на русском (@RT_russian) January 30, 2015 <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script> Interfax reports that the fire, which started … Continue reading

Info Tomorrow: Librarian Travels to #ALAMW15 to “Attend Sessions,” “Keep Up on Trends”


Patty Sinclair, reference librarian at Smith County Library, Missouri, departed for Chicago today to “attend the American Library Association Conference.” In Chicago, Patty plans to “attend committee meetings,” “network with peers,” and “find out what’s cutting edge in libraries.” “I’m not sure why Patty needed to stay a whole week … Continue reading

Look at all this Library Scented Crap on Etsy!


style=”display:inline-block;width:728px;height:90px” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-3025459600462719″ data-ad-slot=”7313963386″> I can’t believe it, but there are far more library scented gifts available on Etsy than I ever imagined. What exactly does the library scent smell like? There are just so many things in libraries that I simply don’t want to smell at home. But if you’re … Continue reading

The Best of ALA Presidential Candidate JP Porcaro’s Reddit AMA


JP is a boots-on-the-ground librarian in a non-traditional urban university who teach classes, works hours a week on the reference desk, manages a staff and the library’s entire materials budget, and is somehow managing to also run for prez… This is his AMA on Reddit librarybatgirl – What can the … Continue reading

6 Things No Librarian Fashionista Would Be Caught Dead Without at #alamw15


As the hereby self-appointed fashion editor of, I couldn’t pack my bag for ALA Midwinter 2015 without sharing some of my must have items for the trip to Chicago. A Warm (and adorable) scarf – Watch out, friends, it’s COLD out there! Luckily, scarves are very on trend right … Continue reading

From Pop to the Pit: LAPL Photo Collection Celebrates the Los Angeles Music Scene, 1978-1989


From Pop to the Pit: The LAPL Photo Collection celebrates the Los Angeles Music Scene 1978-1989 will be on display in the Central Library History & Genealogy Department from January 8 – June 28, 2015. Rock genres collided in 1980s Los Angeles, creating a kaleidoscope of sounds unmatched by any … Continue reading

Are These the Best Re-purposed Card Catalogs of All Time?

Gin. Perfection.

This gallery contains 12 photos.

Since libraries have moved their catalogs online, there have been thousands of old card catalogs for sale all over the internet. They are being used as pieces of furniture in houses and stores all over the country. We scoured the internet and ALATT for some of our favorites to show … Continue reading